Born into a family of writers and musicians in the early 1950s in a rural Essex farmhouse, Adrian now lives in Colchester and has taught writing for many years. He began singing in English folk clubs in the 70s and released his first LP in the 80s: Anarchy in the Ukelele. He began studying in the 90s and wrote a novel for his PhD in the early 2000s (The Comeback Casebook). More recently he has published two books on creative writing (see Writing page) and four collections of poems and songs, the two most recent including CD albums: Comedy of Masculinity and Discovering England (see Songs page). 

He was a member of Spring Chickens in the 80s, contributing lyrics to the LP Fowl Language and cassette album Kinda Broody. He played with barn dance band The Metric Foot Band and appeared on their albums Foot Rules and A Good Kicking. He is a member of Potiphar’s Apprentices, performing songs collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams in Essex, who have two albums Return to Ingrave and Life in the Old Dog. Songs of Adrian’s have been recorded by such as June Tabor and members of Fascinating Aida.

His current songwriting features in the duo Face Furniture, with bassist Murray Griffin, who made the CDs Comedy of Masculinity and Discovering England. For bigger gigs they are sometimes joined by Martin Donald on guitar and John Seabrook on drums to become Face Furniture and the Extensions (see Songs page).

Latest projects include a new album of songs on traditional themes, working title Passing It On; a new book on writing to be called Roots Writer: how to be traditional and a collection of poems based on the Book of Ecclesiastes: Preacher.