Read Adrian’s piece about Mick Graves (for Mardles magazine) here

Adrian has poems in a new anthology of ‘poems in lockdown’ called The Tales Told By Birds, edited by Peter Kennedy. See for details and the book can be ordered from Wivenhoe Books Also one poem in Caged Blossoms, more poems in lockdown.

As well as songs, there are books on creative writing, scattered essays and poems. For example, I used to write a humorous column for Essex Folk News (wow)!

Interviewed by Emma KIttle-Pey at Essex Book Festival for Launch of The Magic of Writing


New essay, An Englishman in Search of Robert Burns, in PN Review magazine, issue 257 Jan/ Feb 2021, available on  This will be part of a chapter in new book Tradition in Creative Writing, forthcoming from Routledge.

Forthcoming essay in PN Review, ‘An Englishman in Search of Robert Burns’
An Essex Apple essay from OUTPOST project
‘Avianthrophy’ in The Earl of Mar’s Daughter (ballad):
Essays on writing: see Adrian’s Writing Shed
Braintree to Bivinger: Cycling in the 70s (also a funny photo here!) on V&A Museum’s Essex Trails
Essay from 2010: The Writer’s Dark, Secret Desire: about Publication and Cultures of Creativity


Tradition in Creative Writing (Palgrave, 2021)
The Magic of Writing (Palgrave, 2018).
Discovering England (Wivenbooks, 2017) with CD album.
Myth and Creative Writing (republished Routledge, 2014).
Comedy of Masculinity (Wivenbooks, 2014) with CD album.
Ballads of Bohemian Essex (Wivenhoe, Essex: Wivenbooks, 2011). Poems.
KJV Old Text – New Poetry (Wivenhoe, Essex: Wivenbooks, 2011). Joint editor and contributor, anthology of poems.
Myth and Creative Writing: The Self-Renewing Song (Harlow, Essex: Longman, 2010).
An Essex Attitude (Wivenhoe, Essex: Wivenbooks, 2009). Poems.

‘An Essex Apple’, essay for Outpost project, exhibited on-site and at (2019).
‘A Soldier’s Dream’ (Towards the Light, Poems of Reconciliation, Kapaju Books, 2018), poem.
‘Are You A Performance Poet?’ (A Magazine for Breakfast 1, 2015).
‘The Songwriter’s Selfie’; review of autobiographies by Neil Young and Morrissey, PN Review 219 (September 2014).
Essay: ‘What Songs Arctic Monkeys Sang’, PN Review 178 (November 2008).
Essay: ‘The Vast American Songbook’, PN Review 176 (July 2007).
Review: ‘The Abandonment of Song’. PN Review 175 (May 2007).
Essay: ‘The Writer’s Dark, Secret Desire: Creative Writing, Publication and Cultures of Creativity’, New Writing: An International Journal of The Practice and Theory of Creative Writing (2004).
‘Spookiness for Writers’, Writing in Education (May, 2001).
Essay: ‘Mything You Already (the traditional as a way of being innovative and funny)’, Writing In Education (October 2001). Essex based on conference paper.

‘Caedmon’s Own Song’, Myth, Literature and the Unconscious, University of Essex, September 2010. Poem/paper, now published in Ballads of Bohemian Essex.
‘The Performance of Tradition and Locality’, Mutual Understandings, University of Tunis El-Manar, February 2007.
‘Place, Tradition and Locality’, Literary Geographies, University of Nottingham, July 2007.
‘Objections to Postgraduate Creative Writing’, Great Writing 2002, Bangor University, January, 2002.
‘Mything You Already’, NAWE Writing Conference, Middlesex University, 2001.